Amazon Alexa

Just ask to play a scenario!
TaHoma, Somfy’s smart phone solution is now compatible with the voice assistant from Amazon Alexa.
You can create scenarios for your daily life on the TaHoma app directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer and play them on your Alexa-enabled device.
Hasn’t everybody wished they could speak to their home?
Just say “Alexa” and control your smart home, using just your voice!

Through TaHoma's integration with Amazon Alexa, it is now possible to speak to Alexa and launch your pre-configured TaHoma scenarios.
Talking to Amazon Alexa
❝Alexa, raise kitchen blinds - Channel named "kitchen blinds" opens ❞

It's just that easy to control RTS channels, scenes, schedules, and other TaHoma functions.
Thanks to voice control, it has become very intuitive and user-friendly to control your smart home equipment! You only have to speak to Alexa, using the wake and trigger words to launch the pre-configured scene created in Somfy's TaHoma.
No need to switch on your smartphone and open the app to launch a scene created with TaHoma! All you have to do is speak to Alexa.
Thanks to its compatibility with other major smart home brands, you can now extend your scenes to include many of your favorite smart home products.
Working with Alexa.

Which Amazon Alexa skills work with Somfy products?

The Somfy Smart Home Skill and the Somfy Custom skill will work with RTS products. Using these skills, you can use voice commands to control Somfy RTS products programmed to a configured Somfy TaHoma. The Somfy Smart Home Skill can be used to work with Amazon Alexa routines; allowing you to control your motorized window coverings along with other smart products around your home, such as lights and thermostats.

What Somfy products can I control with Alexa?

Any Somfy-powered RTS product, such as blinds, shades, awnings, rolling shutters, insect screens, LED lighting kits and heater receivers connected to a Somfy TaHoma can be controlled using Alexa voice commands.

How do I connect my TaHoma system to my Amazon device?

Linking your TaHoma system to your Alexa account is a simple process.
  1. SELECT “More” on the bottom right-hand corner
  2. From the “More” menu, SELECT “Skills & Games” and search for the “TaHoma North America” skill
  3. In the Amazon Alexa search field, TYPE “Somfy” OR “TaHoma” to find all related TaHoma skill for Alexa
  4. SELECT “TaHoma North America”
  5. SELECT "Enable to Use"

The TaHoma North America Skill is now enabled and can be used to create and execute Alexa Routines

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